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Nick: A Portrait of the Artist Nick Joaquin

By Tony Joaquin and Gloria C. Kismadi

Knowing how Nick felt about his cherished country, we pay tribute in this biography to the Philippines, most especially to the Filipino people who have enjoyed his writings, and to others who still have to discover them.

Tony Joaquin…is no stranger to the writing of biographies. He has written his own autobiography, Simple Glories, and copyedited the biography of his mother, Sarah Joaquin, Of Laughter and Tears. He, among all of Nick Joaquin’s nephews, was most familiar with their illustrious uncle since Nick live with his parents, Ping and Sarah, from time to time since Tony was only five years old.

Gloria Kismadi is a Filipina who has been a resident of Indonesia for almost 40 years. She teaches at a university and is an English Language Teaching consultant and teacher trainer in a language school in Indonesia. Teaching is her vocation and writing her avocation, and she is passionate about both. Her association with Tony Joaquin began when he asked her to copyedit his autobiography and that of his mother.

Product Details:
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Anvil Publishing Inc.
Category: Autobiography/Biography