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Hanggang sa Muli

Edited by Reni Roxas

The pieces in this collection are divided into four parts: Memoirs, Poetry, Short Stories, and Essays & Narratives. They were written by 14 men and 18 women, producing what I hope is a steady mix of seasoned and budding talent…Each entry in this book resonates with the perennial paradox: Yes, we leave, but don’t we take the whole darn country with us anyway? … This book is for all Filipino immigrants who find themselves stranded between two shores. We are the Flying Dutchmen of our time, consigned to the high seas looking for that safe harbor that remains elusively out of reach. Jessica Hagedorn describes the wandering Filipino soul best:

I return, only to depart: Manila, New York. San Francisco, Manila, Honolulu, Detroit, Manila, Guam, Hong Kong, Zamboanga, Manila, New York San Francisco, Toky, Manila again, Manila again, Manila again. - Reni Roxas

Reni Roxas was born and raised in the Philippines. She earned her B.A. degree in mass communications from the University of the Philippines in 1982. The following year, she received a Master of Science in telecommunications from Syracuse University. In 1991, she founded Tahanan Books, a multi-awarded, Manila-based publishing company with over a hundred titles that celebrate Philippine culture and history. After residing in Manila from 1991 through 2008, Ms. Roxas moved with her two sons to Seattle, Washington. Her family now calls the U.S. Pacific Northwest their “home away from home.”

Product Details:
Format: Softbound
Publisher: Ilaw ng Tahanan Publishing Inc.
Category: Arts and Culture